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ONDONET Broadband Communications Infrastructure


ONDONET Broadband Communications Infrastructure is a scalable digital network designed for easy deployment and pervasive communications in both urban and rural communities. ONDONET, when fully developed, will incorporate ubiquitous communicating devices (MIMI) and a network that consists of components with their own independent and reliable power supply units. ONDONET will permit a true anytime/anywhere information delivery.

Advantages of ONDONET Broadband Communications

Residents - Connecting Ondo State residents to each other and to the world
Always On - Wireless Internet connection anytime and everywhere in Ondo State
Education – Giving students and teachers instant access to information and knowledge from all over the world
Data – Sending and receiving mails, digital files, pictures and documents
Video – Watching live and recorded video events
Voice – Talking to people within and outside ONDONET
Business – Conducting business and financial transactions (e.g., payments)
Information – ONDONET.COM will contain a wealth of news and information about Ondo State
Broadcast – Receive radio and TV broadcast on a special ONDONET smart device
Communications – government to people, people to government, people to people, government to government

ONDONET will provide network access to the people through thousands of Hot Spots spread around Ondo State. The ownership and operation of these Hot Spots will give entrepreneurial residents enormous business opportunities in the vibrant sectors of information and communications technologies.

The implementation of this digital communications infrastructure will put Ondo State on an enviable pedestal. ONDONET Broadband will serve as a lighthouse to other states within Nigeria and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.


There are six major components to the infrastructure:

1. Optical Fibre Cable - From Lagos to Provider’s Akure Node
2. Optical Fibre Cable - From Provider’s Akure Node to Secretariat
3. Internet Bandwidth
4. Wireless Connectivity - From Secretariat to MDAs
5. Wireless Connectivity - From Secretariat to LGAs
6. Wireless Connectivity - From LGAs to Hot Spots &Users


The project will be executed in 4 phases:

Phase I – Components 1-3 will be built.
Phase II – Component 4 will be built
Phase III – Components 5 & 6 will be piloted for one LGA.
Phase IV – Components 5 & 6 will be rolled out to all 18 LGAs

ONDONET Infrastructure – Guiding Principles

The principles guiding the development of ONDONET Broadband Communications Infrastructure are summarized in the chart below.